Professional Profile

Physical Chemist’ Environmental Scientist with over ten years experience in R&D, complex solid liquid gas thermodynamics, waste disposal management and indoor/out door air quality control.

Proven abilities in technical, planning and supervision skills.

Researcher in physical Chemist at the BASF AG research laboratories in Ludwigshafen/ Germany. Physical-chemical behaviour investigations; such as conductivity, density and solubility. and liquid/liquid and vapour-liquid investigations of various materials.

Lecturer and Senior lecturer at Gottingen and Heidelberg Universities in Germany.

Senior environmental chemist at LAYIR & KNODLER, a Hazardous waste management firm in Germany. Developed and implemented new analytical methods.Other duties included comprehensive studies and compiling of reports on contaminated land and supervision and training of technicians and chemists regularly in laboratory practice.

Acquired in depth knowledge and skills in various monitoring and analytical techniques, such as computer interfaced GCIMS, VfIR, HPLC, AAS, (EPA-Methods), ICP maintenance and troubleshooting.

Won a three year Post Doctoral Research Associateship awarded by the National Research Council (NRC) in Washington DC. Subsequently conducted research in indoor- outdoor air quality at the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Human Exposure Research Branch in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

• A field study for this project was conceived and implemented within this period. This study involved a re-evaluation of air quality monitoring and control technology, testing of new Real-time dust particle counter, and analytical methodology development in specific research areas of interest to the EPA.

• Research interests and published work are in Analytical Chemistry (Applied Liquid Mixture Thermodynamics and indoor air quality). Air Quality monitoring, and analysis, Pollution control.