Accomplishments and Achievements

Spearheaded and amended company’s environmental guidelines as a member of project team that set standards for analysing waste products.

• Supervised projects as an analytical chemist in a chemical waste disposal firm in Germany, (LAYER & KNODLER-turnover of DM 2Om) for waste management,contaminated land studies, pollution control regulatory analysis and incenerations thermodynamics.

Awarded a National Research Council Associateship (USA) on an internationally recognized competitive basis in May 1993.

Initiated plan as a consultant for a plastic molding firm to retrofit and reduce inefficiency. This reversed long-term profit decline and loss to profit.

Have been working as part of a team to develop, test and implement a viable science curriculum for A- level students in Chemistry.

Member of a working committee to identify, monitor, desensitize and encourage Able and Talented students in my present school.

• Attended several seminars of the International Society of African Scientists (ISAS) in Wilmington, Delaware (USA)